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    Depending on which island you choose for your vacation ( Margarita Island or Coche Island) – Tonnarifov offer you a training program for any type of surfing.

    Margarita Island, El Yaque 

    This island is mostly visited by windsurfers and kiters. Here crosswind from left to right relative to the shore, not a big wave, chop, wind season (November-May) are almost always 8-13 m / s. Place where you can meet the legendary riders today and where they often hold their training camps.

    The place is very suitable for beginners learning from scratch. When this wind you * run * the water above the wind and a safety boat with an instructor follows you until you blow away in the wind down along the coast about 1.5 km. With this method of learning when it is not necessary every 5-10 minutes out of the water to rise above the wind, efficiency (coefficient of performance) training – much higher. Your skill and ability to be added very considerably from day to day.

    But for those who have skillfully uses a kite, sail and board – one of the best places to improve their skills, riding on the water 20 m from your hotel. And quite interesting * * adventure for wizards – a cross about 8 km from the island of Margarita Island Coche in the wind. Particularly daring riders (kiters or windsurfers), start early in the morning, reaching the island of Coche, spend some time there to rest and come back. All this of course takes place with the participation of a safety boat that follows you, just in case.

    Coсhe island

    Island with a squeeze, very smooth wind and flat water and bright sun. Minimum vegetation. This mecca for riders kite. Kaytstantsiya, headed by our friend Chris has all the equipment for you and repair your equipment hire, in case you do not have that. There are rescue boat that will take you to raise or with water, if you are blown away from the shore. It should be remembered that each spasenie- paid. Rates are on a kite station.

    This island is much smaller island of Margarita and is characterized in that after dark -life limited silent gatherings in the hotel cafe. But, if you practiced the whole day – it could is that just need to …

    Between these islands has connections motorboats and if you want you can always ride back there, the main thing is not to miss the last boat. Otherwise you will spend the night on another island …