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      Island Margarita, island Coche, Venezuela. Season 2013

      TONNARIFOV already happened in Venezuela in January – May 2013 and invites you to join us! If you have a desire to visit this sunny country – We can organize your stay on the island of Margarita and Coche Island, to try to learn such as kite surfing. You own eyes, heart and soul will find the warmth of the sun Hispanic, soft waves and the mood of eternal holiday, which is famous island of Margarita and Coche Island. Tonnarifov together with our friends in Venezuela can arrange for you and your company VIP escort. On the conditions of this support – in further negotiations.

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      Caribbean Islands swimming pools – an unusual beauty, which begins with a clear sense that he was a completely different part of the planet Earth. Despite the fact that human hands have much “spoiled” You can still be found in these types of places of breathtaking

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      Coche Island is known for local and visiting kiters frequent squeeze cool wind and flat, so this place is popular not only among professionals. The organizers of various kite and surf holidays all provided in this season godv 2013: organized a special fan zone for spectators, as well as locker rooms, medical assistance and rescue for competitors. Program performances impressed by its brightness and diversity, among which especially would like to mention jump competition with a ramp and freestyle. According to our calculations, only small, the Ocean standards, the site was seen more than 70 kites at the same time, and all of them – a master of his craft!

      In the evening all the athletes turned into salsa dancers and techno, guests were treated to cocktails, all danced and rejoiced completion of a perfect day!

      So if you have not yet had a chance to visit in South America – is heading to Venezuela!

       017Venezuela otdyh kite surfingVenezuela otdyh kite surfingотдых кайтсерфинг на Маргарите

       With regard to the spot where we will conduct classes – we can assure you, it is really world class. Many prorider hold their training cycle to improve their skills. Spot is a place with a stable daily wind of 6-12 m / s, with a minimum of gusts. The bright sun, a small chop and slightly to one side – complete flat. It’s almost ideal conditions for learning kitesurfing at any level of skill.