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      Frequently asked questions about THAILAND and answers …


      HOW MUCH CAN I DRINK BEFORE sit behind the wheel? All accidents and usually occur ACCIDENT For this reason, and most importantly, that the drunk driver’s insurance will not work in case of an accident. Therefore, you decide whether to drink alcohol and get behind the wheel.


      SHARKS HAVE?As a kind of there, but not dangerous to humans. Do not we have heard about cases of dangerous sharks in Thailand.


      I buy local mobile number? Yes of course. There are several operators ists connection, one of which distributes free True Move SIM cards at the airport.


      HOW CAN I move around the island ? Better in a rented transport – car or motorbike. Public transport on the island is undeveloped, and unnecessarily expensive taxi. In general, the private carting, civilized taxi counters in Phuket not.


      Police officers are evil? The police have become stricter, it’s time to clean up already on the road, but compared with other countries is still full freedom.


      Sex on the beach? If unsanitary and sand stuck to your ass does not interfere, then why not :) But – officially unresolved, about fine – do not know.


      Is it easy-oriented island road on the map? Phuket’s only three major roads in three palms difficult to get lost :) Map easy guided only Phuket Town, the administrative center of Phuket difficult to travel from the first time.


      HOW MUCH COFFEE OR FRESH? Coffee in various cafes differently costs from 60 to 120 baht per cup if it’s certainly not the coffee that is eaten elephants and then otfermentirovali, skipping through itself, this coffee costs $ 50 for a cup :) Fresh – 100 -150 baht


      Does it ever rain? There are of course, here at we should talk about the seasonality, as there is a dry season from November to mid-April and the rainy season from May to October. But this does not mean that can not go dry rain sometimes, and it does not mean that in the rainy constantly watering.


      IS THE WIND FOR SURFING ? Wind in Phuket there, but not too much. If the question is about surfing, the waves are, but it is not Bali, but surfers likes, especially for beginners. If the question is about windsurfing, then a good wind for him constantly not. Kite school there. But Phuket is not considered a mecca for kiters.


      HOT SUMMER IS? Water and air temperature? In Thailand, two seasons – hot and very hot :) Average daily temperature in summer + 32-33 C in winter + 30-31 C. Water temperature 28 C all year round !!!


      WHAT ARE THE DOCUMENTS TO RENT A CAR? License, passport and money


      What is the minimum amount should have with you, remember that the trip? Everything is very relative and depends largely on the traveler. Phuket offers a diverse selection of activities and excursions to suit every budget and budget. And that will be remembered and what will please the tourist, it depends on him. About $ 100 a day on food and entertainment- it without accommodation.


      What are the prices in cafes, clubs and restaurants? LOGIN bars, clubs paid or free? A very controversial issue, as in Phuket very larger selection of restaurants and bars ranging from simple Thai places where one can eat for 100 baht to a five star establishments, where the average price of dinner for one will 2-3000 baht. Log in clubs tend to charge, on a ticket can take a cocktail. The bars have Happy Hours, when for the price of one drink give two.


      HOW Tipping is customary to leave? Approximately 5-10% of the bill if the service is not included in the price.


      Should I take five-star hotel, or four stars are also good? Phuket has a three-star and good hotels. When choosing a hotel should pay attention to its location (proximity to the sea), its infrastructure and read customer reviews.


      Can I take cash in local banks and ATMs? It is possible, for each withdrawal will charge a fee of 150 baht, no matter what amount you would not be removed. The maximum amount that may be issued an ATM at a time = 20,000 baht. Some ATMs may give 30,000 baht at a time.


      How best to pay for services in Tenerife – cash or card? It is possible and so and so, just have places where payment in cash only.


      DO WE NEED A plug converters? Sometimes yes. Whereas a standard wall outlet.


      CAN I BUY ON TENERIFE electronics – cameras, camcorders? ANY ORDER PRICE? You can, of many electronics, prices should be compared, but given the proximity Conk Kong and Singapore electronics missing.


      AVAILABLE ARE OR MOBILE INTERNET WI-FI? Local sim card, you can connect to the Internet by selecting one of the following packages from your network operator. Wi Fi is available in hotels, cafes, homes, apartments.


      CAN I rent a bike? Yes, you can.


      CAN I swim at NIGHT ? Is not desirable, there are tidal currents.


      Is it safe to go to Tenerife ONE? Thailand and Phuket in particular is quite a safe place. You can go one and if you feel comfortable without the company. Of course it is necessary to observe the rules of safe behavior and then everything will be fine.