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    Boys and girls! As well as their parents!

    We offer you a wide range of places of residence on the island of Tenerife.

    Ordering and choosing a place to live, you should take into account the period of time in which you want to get on this wonderful island.

    There are times of the year, when quite difficult to find something good in quality and at a reasonable price. Typically, this July-September, mid-December – mid-January (Christmas and New Year), May holidays (this time, popular with tourists from Russia and CIS). At other times you will have a much better chance to choose the place of residence to taste and your wallet.

    For its part, we will help you decide what you want and where you would be better to stay if you are traveling for sport riding surfing (kite surfing), or you have a purely family vacation with children and “vegetable” lying on the beach. Depending on this, we will offer you different levels of hotels, apartments, villas in the place where you will be most comfortable.

    As we reported, sports stay on the island and any kind of surfing takes place in the town of El Medano. There is enough wind and a mecca for surfers of different levels. Basically, here are the 3 star hotels level, but close to the surf zone (2-5 minutes walk). If such a “star” does not suit you and you believe that this level is not for you, we will help you find apartments with one, two and three bedrooms. But to cook in that case you’ll have to do, according to your preferences. Level of prices “once to eat” – 5.10 euros.

    Level of prices for accommodation in the popular period (month of August) is about 100 euros per day for a family of 2-3 man. These apartments will be located in close proximity to the ski area on the first line 20 meters from the beach. If you are still interested in privacy and a glamor, or you’re traveling by more than 6 people, then we will find you and the villa, with lots of bedrooms, a swimming pool and a few showers. Where to dive again – in the ocean or pool – you decide for yourself!

    In any case, the choice is yours: enter the purpose of visiting the island and we will show you what to do to be comfortable in all respects.

    If you are only interested in the “vegetable” vacation, tours with a visit to the volcano, various parks and other interesting places, including your children, then we are ready to provide you with accommodation in a quiet windy in respect of places – cities, Los Krestyanos, Las Americas and others. However, it should be remembered that these places are popular with the majority of tourists visiting Tenerife, and therefore the price will be higher. While it may even get lucky here !!!

    In this section of the site we have placed only a few photos of the apartments, villas and hotels to create a general idea of where you will be able to stop.

    In a direct order and booking accommodation, we provide you with a complete photo-review, prices and conditions.