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    If you have the whole family decided to go on a trip, I assure you, this island has something to do, something to see, where to eat and what to do during your vacation. And do not rush to think that 14 days would be enough to see everything and go everywhere. With our help, we will send you to the most appropriate digressions, after which you will be able to say to yourself – “Wow, that’s … we rested class!” (or something like that).

    So our advice is simple – try to go everywhere!

    If you still love the adventure and the unknown distance – take a rental car (this, by the way, we are ready to help you, too), a map of the island and go on their own journey to the island, where to call in want, eat what you want, most importantly, do not forget your camera and fill the car in time. I sincerely wish you all good luck and enjoy your holiday!