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      Frequently Asked Questions about Tenerife …


      HOW MUCH CAN I DRINK BEFORE driving? It is better not to drink, but the allowable rate of 0.5 per thousand, as in the whole of Europe.


      SHARKS HAVE? No! We do not notice them!


      CAN I BUY LOCAL mobile number? Yes, you can! There are 3 mobile operator on the island, you can buy a phone number for 20 euros, which will begin with 34 (9-digit number) and call!


      HOW CAN I move around the island? Feet, bicycle, scooter, but it is more convenient by car. Car hire is available. By bus, after buying a ticket (card BONO BUS) at the bus station for 10, 20, or 30 euros. This saves you the cost of the ticket. You can pay the fare directly from the bus driver, only cash, but it is more expensive by 50-80 cents.


      POLICE EVIL? No! The police behaved very adequate and culturally, to find fault with you on the little things nobody will, but follow the rules and traffic make !!! Because wear your seat in the car and behave with dignity. The police do not take bribes – they have to be a cop – it’s an honor.


      SEX ON THE BEACH? According to some reports of this behavior on the beach can be fined 1,400 euros.


      Is it easy-oriented island road on the map? It is easy enough. Maps of the island detailed, but suggested prior to travel to pave the way on the map, clearly understand to what point you need to get on the motorway which need to move out. Otherwise, run the risk of a long search for the next interchange to go back.


      HOW MUCH COFFEE OR FRESH? Depending on the location and tourist interest of coffee with milk can cost from 1.20 euros to 5 euros, the juice from 2 euros to 7 euros.


      DOES IIT EVER RAIN? There is no bad weather, and rain to the island – a rarity, though, you can “lucky.”


      THERE IS WIND FOR SURFING? The island is famous for the fact that in the town of El Medano (the only place where you can surf here on the board or kite), almost 95% of the time in a year – WIND.


      HOT SUMMER IS? Water and air temperature? Look at the forecast before you go. Although the island is called the “island of eternal spring”, in the summer is hot, up to 35 degrees Celsius. In the remaining months of the year 22-28 degrees, water is 20-25 degrees. In the mountains cooler (sometimes even worth to take with a jacket).


      WHAT ARE THE DOCUMENTS TO RENT A CAR? You will need only a passport and driver’s license


       WHAT IS THE MIN AMOUNT should have with you, remember that the trip? A one-week vacation – a minimum of 500 euros


      WHAT ARE THE PRICES IN CAFE and restaurants? LOGIN bars, clubs paid or free? It all depends on your tastes and appetites. It is worth to remember one rule – if you want to eat tasty and cheap and nice to sit and visit places where the local Canarian goes public. In the clubs, if the entrance fee, the ticket costs 8.10 euros and the ticket includes one free alcoholic cocktails.


      CAN I TAKE A CASH in local banks and ATMs? Easily and naturally can do it day and night. ATMs give only euro. Try to use small denominations dignity in retribution. The denomination 500 euros causes panic among local small restaurants and cafes, and usually it is “your problem” and solve it for you. In an expensive restaurant that you are not burdened.


      HOW BEST TO PAY FOR SERVICES IN TENERIFE – cash or card? You are in the European Union – so count as you prefer. If the institution can not take from you a card for payment, you will be notified about this beforehand.


      DO WE NEED A plug converters? No longer needed. Everything is made to European standards. But, if anything, in the store it is inexpensive.


      MOBILE INTERNET OR WI-FI? The main problem of the island. No, of course wi-fi is available in many cafes and restaurants, but the internet connection is poor.


      CAN I rent a bike? There is such a possibility. There are bike rental.


      IS IT DESIRABLE TO KNOW SPANISH? Or anywhere you can negotiate in English? Languages never stopped. Kanartsy very excited when talking to them in Spanish. In any hotel or restaurant to talk to you and in English.


      CAN I SWIM AT night? YES. Just to save you nobody. Rescuers night, unfortunately, sleep.


      IS IT SAFE TO GO TO TENERIFE ALONE FOR THE GIRL? Exactly – safely. Only not boring you? Although, if you are active and sociable – no problem. The more that the island has something to do.


      Ask your question or leave feedback – glad to answer if you are only going to us! In addition, it is very important to know your opinion, if you have just from us!