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       If you are an avid fisherman and have been dreaming to catch big fish (marlin) – Welcome to contact us !!!

      “ECONOMY” class motor boat     “LUX” class motor boat  
      group 3 persons price FOR 1 PERSON   group 3 persons price FOR 1 PERSON
      8 days TRIP / 6 days FISHING 1520 €   8 days TRIP / 6 days FISHING 2000 €
      5 days TRIP / 3 days FISHING 1000 €   5 days TRIP / 3 days FISHING 1295 €
      4 days TRIP / 2 days FISHING 903 €   4 days TRIP / 2 days FISHING 1122 €



      We offer tours to 4-5-8 days of your choosing. Table of prices on the journey for one person is shown above. The price includes:

      • TRANSFER hotel-airport-hotel and hotel-boat-hotel on the island of Cape Verde
      • VISA at the airport in Cape Verde
      • HOTEL (with breakfast) on the island of Cape Verde in Tarrafal, 3-5 stars “on the concepts of” Cape Verde (Photo rooms see below)
      • DAILY FISHING throughout the day (4-5 hours) or with a break for lunch.
      • RENT LUX – class boats or motor boats ECONOMY – class on a fishing trip
      • EQUIPMENT hire for fishing (professional, capable of supporting up to 300 kg marlin and above)
      • GUIDED tours during the trip (English- Spanish-italyano- Russian-speaking). Hours guide – from breakfast to dinner.
      • CHANGING to a different tour of the island or interest in the case of not wanting to fish this day – walking around the island, diving, surfing, autotravel the island, tasting of sea food.
      LUX CLASS motor boat

      fishing  Cape Verdefishing  Cape Verdefishing  Cape Verde


      ECONOMY CLASS motor boat
      fishing  Cape Verdefishing  Cape Verdefishing  Cape Verde



      ATTENTION !!! This tour – a tour in the country is not particularly well developed in economic terms, and what do you think “nothing special” for the local population may look “rich and glamorous.” Therefore, our advice – take this vacation with understanding and as an adventure … and you will be a plus to karma …)))

      рыбалка на Капе Вердеfish 4fish 5

      This tour is an option for travelers. If you are already in Tenerife and want to continue the show pleasing program – we offer you – Fishing in CAPE VERDE. Day of arrival and day of departure – no Fishing days. The remaining dni- fishing, traveling around the island, diving, surfing and other fun. If there are willing to embark on a journey from the city directly to Cape Verde, then – buy a plane ticket to CAPE VERDE, island SANTIAGO, airport PRAIA, after agreeing with us your arrival so we can meet you at the airport. But this – at personal preliminary talks. Attantion !!! Approximate price of air travel (round trip) from Tenerife – Cape Verde – Tenerife Ticket at more than 1 month prior to departure – 350 euros. The cost of the ticket for a trip in the next 30 days from the date of the order will be agreed on separately.

      city Tarrafal

      Tarrafal is a municipality located in the northern part of the island of Santiago in the Cape Verde (CAPE VERDE). It is in this town and lies our way. The population is about 18,000 inhabitants. Tarrafal is located 70 kilometers from the capital of Cape Verde Praia. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the north, east and west, and the south with the municipalities of San granichet Arkanho Miguel and Santa Catarina.

      tarafal-mindelo-42 kap47 tarafal 001

      In the north, east and south of the valley town surrounded by farmland. To the south is the mountain range of the Serra da Malagueta. Most of the area known to fans of hiking, cover the grasslands and shrubs. It offers one of the most spectacular views of the entire island.

      • Climate: Tropical (probability of rainfall during the period from August to September) with an average temperature of 24.5 degrees.
      • Portuguese and Creole
      • Currency: Escudo (the exchange of about 10 € = 1000 escudos).
      • Required documents: A valid passport and visa (can be made directly at the airport 25 €)
      • Vaccinations: No compulsory vaccination, but it is desirable to have the action vaccinated against hepatitis.
      • All times are: GMT -1: 00